At Cannon Hill Girls’ School we will provide you with a broad and
balanced Islamic education focusing on developing 5 key strands:

• Aqaid (Belief)
• Ibaadah (Worship)
• Mu’asharah (Social – dealings)
• Mu’amalaah (Financial dealings)
• Akhlaq (Character)

Our curriculum focuses on fulfilling the rights of Allah and the rights of the creation with the aim of
developing responsible British Muslim citizens.
At Cannon Hill Girls’ School we partner with Knowledge to Action (llm 2 Amal) the leading UK
charity on developing character education through social action.

To support your spiritual development, we have a dedicated daily 50
minute lesson focusing on taleem and tarbiyah. In these lessons
you will cover:

• The names, qualities and attributes of Allah the Almighty
• The branches of Iman
• The Seerah of the Messenger of Allah
• Fiqh
• Qu’ran memorisation and rules of recitation
• Weekly Ahadith
• Weekly Character Strengths
• Dua memorisation

Salah is given a priority and is included in the timetable so that you can develop concentration and
devotion. A teacher will be present during Salah to support and advise. You will be allocated time to
read Ahadith on the virtues of Salah, complete your Azkhar, make dua and reflect.

Additionally, form time activities, 5 Pillars Days, assemblies, volunteering opportunities and charitable
activities throughout the year will ensure you are able to advance spiritually.

Those of you interested in additional after-school classes will have the opportunity to attend
Qur’an Club, where you can master Qu’ranic recitation