To support our parents/ guardians, we:

  • Have a Parent Group which meets the Head of School each term – providing advice, giving feedback and raising concerns
  • Deliver classes in computing, literacy and numeracy for parents/ guardians
  • Host sporting and fundraising activities which are organised by parents/ guardians
  • Deliver ‘coffee mornings’ and ‘coffee evenings’ with advice to enable parents/ guardians to support the learning and development of their children

To support our wider community, we:

  • Deliver regular Open Days and Open Evenings
  • Encourage volunteering and social action
  • Engage with local employers, universities and entrepreneurs to deliver learning, promote specific professions and impart careers guidance to our young women

To support our wider community of schools, we:

  • Host recruitment, induction and training programmes for other schools
  • Provide substantial and regular programmes of training for middle and senior leaders in other schools
  • Deliver training and professional support to numerous other schools