A Level

A Level Religious Studies

Our A-level Religious Studies specification offers a range of faith-specific options, ensuring students have a thorough understanding of diverse philosophical and ethical viewpoints.

The course features a variety of relevant and contemporary themes, to help inspire engaging classroom discussion. Students will also gain critical and evaluative skills sought after by higher education and employers.

With familiar content and new and inspiring topics, we’re confident that you’ll enjoy teaching our new specification, and students of all abilities will find it engaging.

Assessment Overview

Component 01: Philosophy of religion

Students study philosophical language and thought, and issues and questions raised by belief.

Component 02: Religion and ethics

Students explore key concepts and the works of influential thinkers, ethical theories and their application

Normative ethical theories

Component 03: Developments in religious thought

Students select one religion from the following to study systematically:

Christianity (03)

Islam (04)

Judaism (05)

Buddhism (06)

Hinduism (07).

Component Marks Duration Weighting
Philosophy of religion (01) 120  2 hours 33⅓%
Religion and ethics (02) 120  2 hours 33⅓%
Developments in religious thought (03-07) 120 2 hours 33⅓%

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