A Level

A Level Psychology

Our A Level in Psychology helps students develop essential knowledge and understanding of different areas of psychology and how they relate to each other. It provides the skills to carry out practical investigations and is bound to stimulate students’ curiosity, encouraging them to engage with psychology in their everyday lives.


Assessment Overview

Component 01: Research methods

This component develops knowledge and understanding of planning, conducting, analysing and reporting psychological research across a range of experimental and non-experimental methodologies and techniques. Students carry out their own small-scale practical activities.

Students need to be familiar with the four main techniques for collecting/analysing data:

Self-report, Experiment, Observation,Correlation.

Component 02: Psychological themes through core studies

Introduces some of the central areas of investigation in psychology organised in ten key themes, each represented by a classic and a contemporary core study. The core studies reflect the contribution of psychology to an understanding of individual, social and cultural diversity.

Component 03: Applied psychology

Students consider a number of methodological issues and how they relate to a range of topics.

There is one compulsory section:

Issues in mental health.

Students must also select two topics from the following:

Child psychology

Criminal psychology

Environmental psychology

Sports and exercise psychology.

Component Marks Duration Weighting
Research methods (01) 90  2 hours 30%
Psychological themes through core studies (02) 105  2 hours 35%



Applied psychology (03) 105 2 hours 35%


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