A Level

A Level English

Our A Level qualification in English Language provides students with a deep knowledge of how the English language works and encourages them to engage creatively with areas of topical debate. You will explore language in use in various contexts, and will carry out an independent investigation in an area of particular interest to you.

Assessment Overview

Component 01: Exploring language

Students apply various methods of linguistic analysis, and engage with current debates around language use:

Section A: Language under the microscope

Section B: Writing about a topical language issue

Section C: Comparing and contrasting texts.

Component 02: Dimensions of linguistic variation

Students explore language use in particular contexts across time and place:

Section A: Child language acquisition

Section B: Language in the media

Section C: Language change.

Component 03: Independent language research

Students pursue their own language investigation, developing valuable research and communication skills:

Section A: An independent investigation – students pursue an area of study of particular interest to them

Section B: The academic poster – students present their research in a concise and visually accessible way.

Component Marks Duration Weighting
Exploring language (01) 80 2 hours 30 mins 40%
Dimensions of linguistic variation (02) 80 2 hours 30 mins 40%
Independent language research (03) 40 20%

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